Our Summer Trip To Lake City, Colorado
By Marcella Simmons

This summer, we drove up to Lake City, Colorado where we spent five days at the TEXAN RESORT. We had a two-story three bedroom cabin large enough we could all spread out and stretch without bumping into each other at every turn. With all the comforts of home at our fingertips, we rested and enjoyed ourselves.

While we were in Lake City, we had a picnic downtown at the park while the little ones played with the other kids.
In the evenings, back at the cabin we grilled hamburgers while the kids played horseshoes with some of the other guests at the resort. The kids were fortunate enough to meet up with some children who lived there year round who showed our clan some fun and adventure while we were there.

The mornings were rather cool but sitting on the front porch wrapped in a cozy blanket and sipping hot coffee while the family slept soothed my nerves. At the end of our journey, it was me who cried because we had to leave. Staying at The Texan Resort was an experience of a lifetime. This was one time I wanted to stay the entire summer.

The Texan Resort has cabins to fit every group size and budget. They wash their linen and towels everyday and hang them out in the sun to dry. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my mother did the laundry. Fresh air-dried towels and linen are the best.

While we were in Lake City, we eased up the mountain to the Hard Tack Mine Tours & Museum. The tour into the mine shaft was cool and educational, but the gift shop caught their eye immediately. Fortunately for them, I had rolls of quarters on hand for them to spend at the gift shop!

If you go up to the mine, wear shoes and take a light jacket. It is cold deep inside the tunnel.

Later in the week on Friday, we went to the Mountaineer Theatre downtown and saw Finding Dora. The theater is a one-of-a-kind gem nestled out at the corner of town, and the family running it are down-home good people.

Lake City is a relaxed, laid back little town. There are a few horseback outfitters in the area and backpacking, and rafting if you’re into that kind of thing.

For me, just relaxing and enjoying my week at the cabin is all I needed. We will be at the Texan Resort for many years to come.

What To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

By Marcella Simmons

Deciding what to bring along on any outing whether it be for the weekend or the entire week depends on a number of things such as who all will be with you, if you’re going solo, or with a friend or mate, how long you will be staying and what is on your itinerary. If you’re off to the beach, the mountains, camping or just a weekend to a nearby city to take in a show or museum, there a few items that you can take along that makes traveling a little easier. No matter where you go, always carry your ID with you at all times.

If you are going on a rafting expedition or a boating trip, you’ll need waterproof bags for your camera, wallet, and other valuables.

If you’re going to a museum pr movie, you want need much except money and your wallet. The less you carry, the easier for you.

If it’s summertime, bring along cool, comfortable clothes and walking shoes if you plan to walk around museums or gift shops. For the ladies, a light and festive dress with matching sandals might be appropriate for an evening on the town. A comfortable swimsuit with spandex for the best comfortable fit is ideal for swimming at the beach or swimming pool.

For beach goers, be sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen, sun glasses, an extra beach towel or two, a large canvas tote bag to carry your beach items in, a small tote size umbrella just in case you need a bit of shade, an extra pair of inexpensive flip flops in your bag (in case you break a strap!), pony tail holders or ‘scrunchies’ for your hair, and a small dispenser of disposable hand wipes for fast clean-ups and little messes. These come in handy with or without the kids. Hand sanitizer is also a good thing to carry in your purse or bag.

Carry a bottle of water to stay hydrated. A granola bar will make for a handy snack while you’re taking in the mid morning sun and scenery before lunch. Don’t forget the hat!

Bring along your camera, an extra battery pack or batteries, extra memory cards and a gallon size box of zip-lock bags for storage of smaller items. These come in handy when you need to keep something safe and dry.

Bring along breath fresheners for between brushing – you never know who you may want to talk to.

A backpack for the hike in the woods or the country made of water-resistant, coated nylon fabrics is your best bet for carrying stuff for this type of getaway. Always carry a long sleeve shirt, a of bottle of water, chewing gum, nuts, beef jerky and perhaps a few granola bars for your hike in the woods or up a mountain. Mosquito repellent and sun block are essential for this type of trip, as well.

If you take medication, always carry it with you. If you have to have it with you, put it in a water-proof bag and tuck it with your valuables.

Always let someone know where you are going and when you might be back. If you carry a cell phone, text someone close to you and let them know where you are going, when you are leaving and when you are expected to return.

Have a safe and fun trip where ever you go!

Our Summer Vacation Experience in Albuquerque, New Mexico

By Marcella Simmons

It was hot the afternoon we got into town. We had been driving all day – we were hot and tired and the A/C had quit in the front of the van. To make matters worse, somewhere between Blanding, Utah and Albuquerque, I had lost several hundred dollars out of my purse. It was a nightmare because we hadn’t eat anything since lunch and the kids were hungry. I didn’t want to put anything else on a credit card until we got to our motel. Money was already getting tight, especially since we had just spent three weeks in Colorado and Utah.

The first three nights we were supposed to stay at Hotel Cascada in Albuquerque but when we arrived, the lobby was dark and they had evacuated everyone, including the employees because of a transformer explosion that not only affected the electricity – it also blew out a water main or valve. To make matters worse, they had no computers up and running and couldn’t refund our money until a later date. By this time I was crying. There was no extra money to rent another motel for the next three nights so in a moment of nervousness and tears I asked to speak to a manager in charge. Some new arrivals were upset because they had driven for hours with their families, but things happen. There was one woman that came in and threw a fit and started cursing the handful of staff left handling the evacuation. A security officer was summoned and escorted her off the property.

It’s bad enough that the motel was in darkness – it was the weekend and both the power and water had been shut off, not to mention that it was already getting late in the evening.

The kids had their mind set on staying at the Hotel Cascada and had water park tickets for each day of our stay. But things happen and sometimes, you just have to make the best of any situation. That’s what we did.

The manager from the Hotel Cascada immediately made arrangements for us at Home2 Suites on University Blvd.

We spent the next three nights at Home2 Suites and let me tell you, they had the best beds I have ever slept on. The breakfast was super. The staff made sure we were comfortable. There was even a dishwasher and kitchenette with dishes in each room. The only complaint I had was that the pool was rather small. Other than that all was good and our stay was excellent. The rooms were large and spacious and bright. I wanted to stay longer but we already had four nights left at the Hyatt Place Albuquerque/Uptown on Arvada Ave paid for in advance so we moved on day four.

The pool Hyatt Place was awesome. The staff went out of their way to see to it we had a wonderful stay. Breakfast was not only good but everything was served fresh.

Hinkle Family Fun Center located at the northwest corner of Tramway and Indian School is one of our favorite places for fun. The good thing is, you can’t spend just one day there. We try to go as much as we can afford to.

We ride the bumper boats, the go-karts, and spend endless hours inside playing the arcade games. This place is awesome and it’s not just for kids. They have a spin wheel that is my favorite! Taking home the prizes afterwards is a lot of fun.

While we were in Albuquerque, we ventured out to the Albuquerque Zoo and Botanical Gardens one day; Cliff’s Amusement Park the next; we visited the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science on Mountain Road.

We walked around Old Town and ventured in the local shops. We ate at the Hacienda del Rio Restaurant & Cantina in Old Town section of Albuquerque.

Our trip home was long but not boring. The kids were already making plans for the next year and believe me, this ma-maw is ready to go! As I say, have grand children, will travel!!! We’ll see you there…